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About us and our Team

The Henrik G.S. Arvidsson institute of international business research was founded in 2020 with the explicit aim to enhance research into international business and make it attractive to a broader audience. We aim to excel in reestablishing research and its relevant place in the public discourse.

We are independent of any government or private entity. We provide consultancy services to external partners as well as conducting surveys and research in the realms of International business, marketing, and organisational psychology. We also provide lecturers and moderators to external parties as well as organising events and workshops.

Ruslana Arvidsson

Political Scientist

Ruslana is a political scientist and has also studied business administration. She is a consultant in management and team leadership. Ruslana also manages the Estonian branch of The Institute of Inovative Governance.

Peter Calvin

Junior Associate

Peter deals with research in international marketing.

Nina Grisham

Case Manager

Nina is an expert in international markets

Our mission

We aim to give the broader public a greater and unbiased view on international economy, sometimes with a twist but always without bias.

#Henrik  G.S. Arvidsson

Henrik  G.S. Arvidsson


Henrik G.S. Arvidsson is an economist with specialisation in international business,marketing, entrepreneurship and organisational psychology. Henrik has over 20 years experience as a businessman and is an award winning

researcher and lecturer in business. Henrik is also a business consultant with many years of experience.

Awards including: Academy of Marketing Prize of international marketing in London: